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Disney's Former Internet Exec Convicted

On Thursday, December 16, 1999, a federal court jury convicted former Walt

Disney Internet executive, 34-year-old Patrick Naughton, of possessing

child pornography, but deadlocked on charges that he crossed state lines

seeking sex with a "13-year-old girl" which he arranged via the Internet.

Naughton's lawyers asked that he remain free on bail awaiting an appeal,

however the request was denied due to the fact that federal law requires

persons convicted of crimes of violence to be jailed upon waiting for an

appeal. Therefore due to the nature of the conviction, Naughton was taken

into custody by U.S. Marshals immediately after the verdicts were read. The

former head of Disney's Go Network, had testified that his on-line chats

with an FBI agent posing as the girl named Kris in the "dad&daughtersex"

chat room were fantasy role-playing and that he assumed his conversation

partner was a much older woman. Naughton claims that the pictures of naked

children found in his computer were sent to him without his knowledge. The

original arrest took place on September 16, 1999 at the Santa Monica pier,

where Naughton had arranged a rendezvous with "Kris" after flying to

Burbank from Seattle to attend a meeting at Disney headquarters. He could

face a possible ten years in prison at his sentencing hearing on Sunday,

March 5, 2000.

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