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Disney/Pixar Interested in John Carter of Mars

Disney/Pixar is in final talks to pick up the film rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels JOHN CARTER OF MARS series, according to the trades. Previously, the series was set up at Paramount as a live-action project with Robert Rodriguez, then SKY CAPTAIN Kerry Conran and finally Jon Favreau attached to direct. Before that, the property was at Disney during the '90s when Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted to make it into an animated feature before the project was set up as a live-action project for John McTiernan.

Starting with A PRINCESS OF MARS, the 11-volume series was a serial in ALL-STORY MAGAZINE in 1912. The story follows a Civil War soldier named John Carter, who is whisked of to Mars where he becomes the prisoner of brutal green aliens.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has varying sources stating whether the project will be live-action or animation. Insiders at Paramount have said John Lasseter is spearheading the acquisition with Disney sources stating the property is headed to animation. However, a spokesperson for the Burroughs estate told the REPORTER that Disney is looking to buy the live-action rights.

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