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Disney TV Toon Boss Exits

Disney's television animation chief Charles Hirschhorn has been given theboot. The now former head of Walt Disney Television and Walt DisneyTelevision animation officially exited the position on Wednesday, December8, 1999. It's speculated that Hirschhorn's responsibilities at WONDERFULWORLD OF DISNEY will most likely be taken over by ABC movies andmini-series head Susan Lyne, while his duties for TV animation anddirect-to-video flicks will most likely be folded into the featureanimation unit at Disney. However, no offical word from Disney has beenissued. With the recent decline in ratings, Hirschhorn's departure marks anoverall strategy by ABC and Disney to streamline both divisions. However,Hirschhorn isn't humming the blues with Eeyore quite yet, he's signed anon-exclusive first-look deal with Disney involving features and first-runTV flicks for WONDERFUL WORLD. Home base for the new productions will beHirschhorn's own company!

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