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Disney Starts Renaissance on DVD

The digitally animated sci-fi crime thriller RENAISSANCE has arrived on DVD from Miramax Home Ent. The film was crowned Best Picture at the 2006 Annecy International Film Festival and was an official selection at last year's Toronto Film Festival. The DVD sells for $29.99.

Set in the labyrinthine underworld of 2054 Paris, the black-and-white thriller paints a bold vision of a stark, not-so-distant future where all life is monitored, recorded and regulated thanks to the city's largest corporation, Avalon. Detective Barthelemy Karas, voiced by Daniel Craig (CASINO ROYALE) has a reputation for finding anyone at any cost, but while tracking down a kidnapped scientist, he ultimately finds himself buried beneath Renaissance's illicit world of corporate malfeasance and soulless genetic research. Ian Holm (LORD OF THE RINGS), BRAVEHEART actress Catherine McCormack and Tony Award-winner Jonathan Pryce (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) also voice roles.

"The Making of Renaissance" Featurette explores how the filmmakers brought the digitally animated noir tale to life, using motion capture technology by director Christian Volckman.

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