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Disney’s Vice-Chair Walks

Disney vice chairman Sanford "Sandy" Litvack has decided to leave the company at years end. The move has been long rumored since the very public fight in court between Disney and former Disney executive and now DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg. Apparently, the feud weighed a great deal on Litvack. Disney chairman Michael Eisner said, "I regret Sandys decision, but I accept it and respect his desire to pursue new ventures." Litvack did not announce any specific new business plans. The 10-year Disney veteran will stay on as a part-time executive on legal and governmental issues and will continue his role on the Euro Disney board. According to Disney, Litvacks position will not be refilled and his responsibilities will be split up between existing company executives. Litvack started his Disney career as senior VP and general counsel in 1991. Litvack commented, "I had committed to Michael that I wouldnt leave until the company was in great shape and there were no disasters of any sort on the horizon. I decided now was the time."

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