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Disney’s Barbarian Braves the Airwaves

One of the first new animated shows out the gate in the new year is DISNEY'S DAVE THE BARBARIAN, which premiered Jan. 23, 2004 with a five-episode mini-marathon at 5:30 pm on the Disney Channel. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the series airs regularly on weekends with episodic premieres on Fridays.

The series follows Daves escapades with his offbeat family - including his primping older sister Candy and his fierce-yet-tiny younger sister Fang - as they protect themselves and their kingdom from a world of uproariously odd foes. Brawny Dave has a surprisingly non-barbarian demeanor, preferring the finer things in life, like origami and gourmet cooking. But with Dave's brute strength, his sisters, his diminutive pet dragon Faffy, his magical nagging sword Lula, and the kids' guardian, a curmudgeonly sorcerer named Uncle Oswidge, villains don't stand a chance.

A far cry from the animated THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN of a few decades ago, creator/exec producer Doug Langdale (DISNEY'S THE WEEKENDERS) explains the genesis of the series. I tried to think of the worst possible name you would have to scream out for help if you needed a barbarian hero to come to your rescue," Langdale said. "It was simple: 'Dave.' The show pretty much fell into place from there."


Danny Cooksey (DIFF'RENT STROKES) heads an ensemble cast as Dave. Joining Cooksey is Estelle Harris (SEINFELD), Tress MacNeille (DISNEY'S HOUSE OF MOUSE, THE SIMPSONS), Erica Luttrell (THE NEW GHOSTWRITER MYSTERIES), Kevin Michael Richardson (LIKE FAMILY), Frank Welker (WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO?) and Jeff Bennett (JOHNNY BRAVO). Guest voices include Joan and Melissa Rivers, and Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.