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Disney publishes book on storyboard artists

In October 1999, Disney publishing house Hyperion will publish PAPER DREAMS- THE ART AND ARTISTS OF DISNEY STORYBOARDS by John Canemaker. The bookprovides a behind-the-scenes look at the development of stories,situations, and personalities for many of Disney's animated films, fromPLANE CRAZY through TARZAN. It also includes information about many littleknown story artists and writers. Artists covered include Bill Peet, TedSears, Pinto Colvig, Earl Hurd, Webb Smith, Carl Barks, Harry Reeves, HomerBrightman, T. Hee, Roy Williams, Oskar Fischinger, William Cottrell,Richard Huemer, Joe Grant, Marc Davis, Joe Ranft, Ed Gombert, BurnyMattinson, Paul & Gaetan Brizzi, Brenda Chapman, Chris Sanders, Tyrus Wong,and others. PAPER DREAMS is a 288 page, large format book, with many B&Wand color illustrations. Suggested retail price will be US$60.00.