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Disney plans second Paris theme park

Euro Disney has announced plans to open THE DISNEY STUDIOS, a second themepark in 2002 near the existing Disneyland Paris theme park inMarne-La-Vallee, east of Paris. The park will include attractions based oncinema, animation and television, similar to the Disney-MGM Studios at WaltDisney World in Orlando, Florida. Visitors to the park will be able toobserve animators working, special effects demonstrations and the filmingof TV programs. "The goal is that visitors pass through the movie screenand see what's behind it," said Euro Disney chief Gilles Pelisson. "It'sabout interaction." Euro Disney officials also intend for the park, plannedsince 1987, to be a working studio where films can be made. Once the parkis fully operational in 2003, the company expects about 4.2 millionvisitors per year. Disneyland Paris opened in April 1992 to concern thatAmerican-style family entertainment would not be popular in Europe, but thetheme park has posted profits since 1995.