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Disney plans to finish Salvador Dali film

Work, in the form of original concept drawings, as well as 18 seconds of animation, done by Salvador Daliin 1946 at the Disney studio for a never-completed film called DESTINO, isbeing dusted off by Disney vice chairman Roy Disney (Junior) and will becompleted as an art house cartoon by the Disney studio, according to theLondon SUNDAY TIMES. "I am going to finish the work of Salvador Dali,"Disney told the newspaper. "At Disney, we need to recover our history." Theproduction will be supervised by Disney, who is a son of Roy Disney (WaltDisney's brother), and 91 year-old John Hench, now a senior vice-presidentat Disney, who worked with Dali as his assistant in 1946. According to theTIMES, Dali blamed the failure to finish the film on labor strikes that hitthe movie industry at the time. However John Canemaker, in BEFORE THEANIMATION BEGINS: THE ART AND LIVES OF DISNEY INSPIRATIONAL SKETCH ARTISTS,quotes Walt Disney as saying, "Jesus Christ! $70,000 down the drain," inresponse to Dali's very un-Disneyesque work. Canemaker's new book, PAPERDREAMS, includes a photo showing Dali at work on the project.