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Disney-Pixar And Wall-E Win The Day, And The Box Office

Disney-Pixar's newest animated entry, WALL-E, won the weekend box office (actuals) with $63.088M. The lovable -- and critically hailed -- robot story is Pixar's ninth film, and their ninth box office opening win, which Disney President of Distribution Chuck Viane characterized as "one of the most envied track records in show business," according to VARIETY.

Per VARIETY, it was the second-best June opening of all time, after HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN ($94.7M). It's also the third-highest Pixar opening after THE INCREDIBLES ($70.5M) and FINDING NEMO ($70.2M). WALL-E's Friday gross was $23.1M, the highest of any Pixar title.

WANTED (Universal, vfx by Ulitka Studio, Hatch Production and Tinsley Transfers) placed second on its opening weekend, earning $50.927M; better than expected. VARIETY reports the opening as the best-ever for an R-rated film in June and sixth best among all R-rated movies. Universal is said to be already considering a sequel.

GET SMART (Warner Bros., vfx by AFX Studios, Cinema Production Services, Eden FX, Gentle Giant Studios, Intrigue, LOOK! Effects, Rising Sun Pictures and RotoFactory) fell to third with $20.211M. It has made $77.477M over two weeks.

DreamWorks' KUNG FU PANDA (vfx by PDI DreamWorks) came in fourth with $11.692M and $179.276M over four weeks.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK did $9.577M and earned fifth place. The Universal film, whose vfx were by Gentle Giant Studios, Giant Studios, Hydraulx, Image Engine Design, Lidar Services, Lola Visual Effects, Rhythm and Hues and Soho VFX, has earned $115.859M in three weeks out.

Paramount's THE LOVE GURU (vfx by Lola Visual Effects, RotoFactory and Soho VFX) dropped to sixth with $5.34M for a two-week gross of $25.222M.

Also from Paramount, INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (vfx by ILM, Gentle Giant Studios and Stan Winston Studio) got seventh place with $5.18M and $300.085M over six weeks.

Fox's THE HAPPENING (vfx by CafeFX, ILM, Quantum Creation FX and The Third Floor) earned $3.908M and eighth place with a three-week gross of $59.12M.

SEX AND THE CITY (New Line, vfx by Big Film Design) placed ninth with $3.808M and has earned more than $140.17M in five weeks in release.

Tenth place went to YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN (Sony, vfx by The Orphanage, Gentle Giant Studios, Lola Visual Effects and Stan Winston Studio) with $3.175M and $91.19M in four weeks.

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