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Disney Looks Overseas For Treasure Planet Gold

After announcing that it is claiming a $74 million loss on its latest animated feature TREASURE PLANET, Disney is now refocusing its overseas marketing of the film, in the hopes that this will allow the company to recoup some of its domestic losses. According to VARIETY, Buena Vista International (BVI), Disney's international distribution arm, is positioning the film as more of a fun family film, playing up the humor by centering the campaign on the secondary characters. The domestic marketing positioned the film as more of a hip action-adventure, highlighting the soundtrack by Goo Goo Dolls' front man John Rzeznik and targeting a teenage audience by touting it as "a cross between STAR WARS and TREASURE ISLAND." Other international distribution plans include releasing the film in the U.K. and Japan, historically strong markets for Disney animated fare, away from competition such as HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. TREASURE PLANET cost an estimated $140 million to make, and has grossed just $28 million since its release on November 27, 2002.