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Disney to Develop Three Pigs Animated Feature

Disney has hired Grant Calof and Greg Lee to adapt David Wiesner's award-winning illustrated children's book THE THREE PIGS into an animated feature combining CG and traditional techniques, VARIETY reports. Like SHREK, PIGS is a postmodern take on classic fairy tales (this one was made famous by Disney, of course, in a 1933 Silly Symphony short). The pigs fly off one by one to visit other storybooks, rescuing dragons and luring the cat and the fiddle out of their nursery rhyme, before confronting the big, bad wolf. Wiesner used watercolor, gouache, colored inks, pencil and colored pencil on Fabriano hot press paper to imaginatively illustrate his story.

Disney Animation director of development Karen Rupert and creative exec Birk Rawlings will supervise PIGS.

Calof and Lee are currently rewriting BLIND SIDED as a Rob Schneider vehicle and previously sold another comedy, CLASS CLOWNS to Sony.