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Disney debuts FANTASIA/2000 Web site

A Web site for FANTASIA/2000 launched on Friday, October 22. The siteexplores various aspects of the creation of the film -- the art, musicand technology -- through virtual visits to Roy Disney's office, ananimator's work station and a scoring stage. The site will feature sneakpreview clips from the film, interviews with the artistic and musicaltalents as well as games and activities. The site will also provide acomplete listing of IMAX theatres around the world that will be debutingthe film on January 1, 2000. FANTASIA/2000 is the first full-lengthanimated feature to be formatted for IMAX and it will play exclusively inIMAX theatres for four months. FANTASIA/2000 is a sequel to the 1940FANTASIA that was originally conceived by Walt Disney as a "repertoireprogram" with changing musical selections. Now, with FANTASIA/2000, thefilm returns with seven new selections plus THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE fromthe original film. The Web site's address is AsFANTASIA 2000's premiere date approaches, J.B. Kaufman finds FANTASIA'sroots and reveals Disney's hopes for their second chance at awakeningWalt's dream in "A New Life For Fantasia".