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Disney classics come to DVD

Although Disney has released a few titles on DVD, including THE NIGHTMAREBEFORE CHRISTMAS and A BUG'S LIFE, they have not released their classics inthe US on DVD, preferring to back DIVX, a DVD competitor that was soldthrough Circuit City retail stores. But now that DIVX is defunct, due tothe lack of consumer support, Disney is embracing DVD. Buena Vista HomeEntertainment will debut nine of Disney's animated features on DVD over thenext four months. Each of the titles will be available for a limited 60-daytime period, and most of the offerings will then be placed on moratoriumfor up to 10 years. The titles include: PINOCCHIO, which became thestudio's first animated classic to be released as a sell-through video backin 1985, and will be the first DVD release on October 26. 101 DALMATIANS,HERCULES, and MULAN will be released on November 11. LADY AND THE TRAMP,PETER PAN and SIMBA'S PRIDE (LION KING II) will be released on DVD onNovember 22. THE JUNGLE BOOK and THE LITTLE MERMAID will be released onDecember 7. All of the releases will be presented in their originaltheatrical aspect ratios and in Dolby Digital or Dolby Surround sound.Foreign-language supplemental tracks will also be included on all of thenine titles.