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Disney Channel Orders 3 New Series, 2 Movies

The Disney Channel has has ordered three new original animated series and two animated movies based on hit series, KIM POSSIBLE and THE PROUD FAMILY. The three new series include THE BUZZ ON MAGGIE, KATBOT and EMPERORS NEW SKOOL. The series are scheduled to premiere during 2005-06 and are produced by Walt Disney Television Animation Studio.

Set in the fly metropolis of Stickyfeet, DISNEY'S THE BUZZ ON MAGGIE takes viewers into the daily life of flies, seen from the point of view of Maggie, an unusually creative and expressive tween fly. Maggie is fun-loving, highly energetic and thinks outside the box, but ruffles antennae with her inspired antics in the conventional, hard-working world of upstanding flies. When she is faced with one of the many routines of everyday life, Maggie devises a way to make it fresh and exciting -- and before long, she puts her exuberant, can-do attitude to work on translating her inspiration into reality -- but her actions inevitably upset the balance of the world around her and have consequences she doesn't anticipate.

Dave Polsky (SCARY MOVIE 2) serves as exec producer and Laura Perkins Brittain (Disney Channel's THAT'S SO RAVEN) serves as co-exec producer. The director is exec producer Dave Wasson (THE UGLY DUCK-THING). The series stars Jessica DiCicco (BRATZ) as Maggie, David Kaufman (STUART LITTLE television series) as older brother Aldrin, Thom Adcox (Disney Channel's AMERICAN DRAGON: JAKE LONG) as younger brother Pupert, Cree Summer (THE PROUD FAMILY) as best friend Rayna and Tara Strong (THE PROUD FAMILY) as Aldrin's girlfriend Dawn. The series premieres in June 2005.

DISNEY'S KATBOT is a comedy series about a curious, somewhat naïve, fun-loving cat robot Katbot from the planet Katatonia, who as part of her schooling is sent to Earth to study tween culture. By using her hypno-façade, she disguises herself as Katerina Botenski, a foreign exchange student from a small Eastern European country she also calls Katatonia. The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Junior Lebore, the son of her host family. Through her friendships with an eclectic group of earthlings, Katbot experiences life on Earth with a unique and comic perspective. Sherri Stoner (TINY TOON ADVENTURES), Bart Jennett (DISNEY'S RECESS) and John Carlin serve as exec producers. Kristin Ellington is a co-exec producer and Randy Myers (THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT) is the director. The series stars Anneliese van der Pol (Disney Channel's THAT'S SO RAVEN) as Katbot, Charlie Schlatter (FERRIS BUELLER television series) as Junior Lebore and Mayim Bialik (BLOSSOM) as Paula. The series is a production of Walt Disney Television Animation in association with Funny Garbage and premieres in September 2005.

Based on the Walt Disney Pictures' theatrical release, THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, DISNEY'S EMPEROR'S NEW SKOOL (working title) is set in the Incan public school system. Kuzco just had a birthday which means he's finally ready to become the official emperor but first he must graduate from Kuzco Academy and foil the scheming partnership of Yzma and Kronk to reclaim his throne. Bobs Gannaway (Disney Channel's LILO & STITCH: THE SERIES) serves as exec producer and Dave Knott (DISNEY'S RECESS) and Howy Parkins (DAVE THE BARBARIAN) are directors. The series stars Patrick Warburton (THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE) as Kronk and Rip Taylor (THE ADDAMS FAMILY television series) as Royal Record Keeper. The series premieres in January 2006.

The greenlight of the KIM POSSIBLE and PROUD FAMILY movies signals the first animated Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM).

The adventure/comedy KIM POSSIBLE: SO THE DRAMA finds Kim and Ron Stoppable's friendship put to the ultimate test when a new kid, Erik, arrives at school and steals Kim's heart causing Ron to suddenly realize he too has feelings for Kim. Starring are Christy Carlson Romano (Disney Channel's EVEN STEVENS) as Kim Possible; Will Friedle (BOY MEETS WORLD) as Ron Stoppable; Ricky Ullman (Disney Channel's PHIL OF THE FUTURE) as Erik; Tahj Mowry (SMART GUY) as Wade and Kirsten Storms (Disney Channel's ZENON) as Bonnie Rockwaller. The teleplay was written by creators/execu producers Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. The director is Steve Loter. It is a production of Walt Disney Television Animation in association with Disney Channel and premieres in April 2005.

In THE PROUD FAMILY MOVIE (working title), Penny and her family are lured on an all expenses paid vacation to Legoom Island where Dr. Carver, a mad scientist, holds them captive after Oscar Proud refuses to reveal his secret Proud Snacks formula for Kicking Donkey Dipping Sauce. Dr. Carver then unleashes his creation, evil peanut-like creatures called G-Nomes who can morph into clones of Penny, Oscar, Trudy and the entire Proud family, to wreak havoc back home. Starring are Kyla Pratt (ONE ON ONE) as Penny Proud; Tommy Davidson (IN LIVING COLOR) as Oscar Proud; Jo Marie Payton (FAMILY MATTERS) as Suga Mama; Paula Jai Parker (FRIDAY) as Trudy Proud and Arsenio Hall (COMING TO AMERICA) as Dr. Carver. The teleplay was written by Ralph R. Farquhar, Calvin Brown Jr., John Patrick White and Stiles White. The director is series creator Bruce Smith. The exec producers are Farquhar, Tom Wilhite, Bruce Smith and Willard Carroll. It is a production of Jambalaya Studio in association with Disney Channel and premieres in August 2005.

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