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Disney To Adapt Graphic Pet Robots

Writer Colin Trevorrow has been hired by Disney to pen their upcoming action feature PET ROBOTS, per VARIETY.

PET ROBOTS, a graphic novel by Scott Christian Sava, is about four students who get lost on a field trip at a toy company and bond with military robots. The novel was published by Sava's Blue Dream Studios last year. Sava previously worked on SPIDER-MAN, CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST, ALIENS VS. PREDATORS and X-MEN as an illustrator, comic book artist, animator and videogame designer.

Chris Bender and J.C. Spink will produce the film under their Benderspink shingle. Trevorrow recently sold the script TESTER to DreamWorks (now at Paramount) that Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald will produce.

Trevorrow is also working on a script for Sony titled STEALING TIME that Walt Becker will direct and Landscape Ent and Sparkler Ent. will produce.