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Discreet Ships Combustion 2 Paint And Compositing Software

Discreets combustion 2, the latest version of its award-winning paint, animation and 3D-compositing software is now available. Unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2001, the combustion 2 software features were designed to provide artists with new capabilities and improved performance, all within an efficient workflow environment designed to make complex visual effects creation faster and simpler. combustion 2 provides new multi-format project capabilities for film and video, including 64-bit image-processing, advanced film grain tools and color Look-Up Table (LUT) management. combustion 2 also includes powerful new toolsets such as a fully editable, interactive schematic view, a fully integrated 2D particle system, an expanded interactive text and motion graphics module and state of the art rotoscoping technology. Compatible garbage masks, grain tools and color LUTs further expand compatibility between combustion and flint, flame and inferno. Other performance enhancements in combustion 2 include a highly optimized 2D software renderer, high performance OpenGL support for the combustion softwares new particle system and a unique 3D compositing environment. combustion 2 for Macintosh and Windows is shipping now for US$3,495. Beginning February, 2002, combustion 2 will sell for US$4,995. The upgrade price from the original version of combustion is US$795 until May 2002, and $1,495 thereafter. For more information go to