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Discreet ships 3D Studio Max R3 software

Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc., announced the worldwide availability of 3D Studio MAX Release 3 software, the latest release of its award-winning, professional, 3D modeling and animation solution designed specifically for Intel architecture and Microsoft Windows NT. Shipping with the 3D Studio MAX R3 software is a free update to Character Studio" Release 2.2. With an enhanced collaborative workflow environment and powerful new renderer, 3D Studio MAX supports hundreds of third-party commercial and free plug-ins, many of which will be available for 3D Studio MAX R3 software today. Discreet and Digimation also unveiled new plug-in bundles that combine some of the hottest component applications designed for use with 3D Studio MAX R3 (see related announcement).

3D Studio MAX R3 software is designed to enable numerous creative professionals to work on specific aspects of the same project while easily combining discrete elements into complex shots, animations or game levels. 3D Studio MAX R3 software also boasts a redesigned renderer that retains the speed of its predecessor while delivering superior results and simplifying the process of creating stunningly realistic images, scenes and special effects. Other key enhancements include nestable external references, applicationwide scripting, macro recording, a customizable work environment, powerful organic modeling capabilities and a host of other new features that accelerate the creation of digital content.

According to Jim Guerard, vice president of marketing and product management at Discreet, "With the release of 3D Studio MAX R3, we've delivered a solution that is designed specifically to fulfill the wish lists of artists, animators, designers and game developers."

Headlining the new 3D Studio MAX R3 collaboration features are external references, which allow artists to include in their projects specific objects or entire scenes from other files, and a new proxy system within the External References tool that enables users to manipulate and animate complex objects interactively.

The 3D Studio MAX user interface is now completely customizable, enabling artists to view only those toolbars and menus they need for their current project. The software also includes a number of workflow enhancements designed to increase productivity, including customizable right-click menus, toolbar scripts, presets, transform gizmos and selection-sensitive key editing. Plus, Discreet extensively expanded the capabilities of MAXScript, the software's timesaving scripting feature. Discreet also completely rebuilt the renderer and transformed into plug-ins such specific rendering steps as antialiasing, sampling, shaders and shadows. For animators, the software provides new core character animation tools for skin deformation, secondary dynamic motion and morphing.

Discreet has also announced new plug-in bundles from Digimation that provide an affordable and easy way for 3D Studio MAX R3 users to purchase some of the hottest and most innovative plug-in applications available including Rodin, DaVinci, Texture Labs and Particle Studio. Discreet expects close to 100 commercial and free third-party plug-ins will be available as 3D Studio MAX R3 comes to market.

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