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Discreet Partners With Turbo Squid For Third Party Plug-In Program

Discreet has entered into an exclusive development and distribution partnership with New Orleans-based Turbo Squid, Inc., the world's premier marketplace for online digital assets. Turbo Squid will act as the worldwide developer, publisher and distributor for the Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in Program. Working together, Discreet and Turbo Squid will carefully select plug-ins that bring compelling value to 3ds max artists. These plug-ins will then be subjected to a stringent testing procedure defined by Discreet to ensure each plug-in works well with 3ds max and other Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins. Plug-ins that pass the testing process will be eligible to use the "Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in" branding. The plug-ins will be backed up by an online support system implemented by Turbo Squid including developer-moderated forums, FAQs, tutorials, demos and the latest product information for Discreet 3ds max artists. Downloadable electronic versions of the plug-ins with 24/7 authorization will be offered through Turbo Squid as well as Discreet's Worldwide Reseller Channel and on the Discreet store Website at Kicking off the program, Turbo Squid is shipping the first Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in, finalToon, from Germany's cebas. finalToon is a cartoon and technical illustration renderer allowing users to add stylistic shading or other effects and adjust line styles in real-time without the need to re-render scenes over and over again. This plug-in will allow 3ds max users to try different creative looks while saving time in the production process. In the next 60 days, Turbo Squid will introduce the following Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-Ins: finalRender Stage 1, from cebas; DreamScape 2, from Sitni Sati; AfterBurn 3, from Sitni Sati; and HumanIK for 3ds max, from Kaydara. A complete list of existing and new plug-ins from Discreet and Turbo Squid may be found at and