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Discreet & Microsoft Brings Gmax To Flight Simulator

Discreet has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. to create, publish and distribute gmax game packs for multiple Microsoft game titles. The first confirmed title is MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2002: PROFESSIONAL EDITION, which is set for delivery in the third quarter of this year. With gmax and the FLIGHT SIMULATOR game pack loaded, users can import game content aircraft, buildings, trees and other 3D objects and customize those objects. For years, FLIGHT SIMULATOR customers have asked for an easy way to create and modify aircraft, buildings and other 3D objects, and then share the modifications with other users. Our strategic alliance with Discreet to incorporate gmax provides us with the perfect tool to meet their needs," said Bruce Williams, product planner for flight simulations at Microsoft. "Our development team has leveraged its existing Discreet 3ds max asset creation and production pipeline, and we are basically providing those tools with the simulation in the form of a gmax game pack; users will receive a suite of 3D tools to create, edit and share their own planes, scenery and other in-game content." Paul Perreault, gmax product manager, said, "Imagine the ability to model and fly your own custom aircraft over a flowing volcano, around a custom-designed rugged canyon wall, or over your own street and house. gmax places control in players hands, allowing them to design new vehicles, terrain, obstacles or even adversaries. This agreement with Microsoft is an endorsement of Discreet technology and our vision of allowing consumers to extend and personalize their game experiences. Consumer game content modifications (mods) are the next trend in gamingand gmax is the perfect tool to help game developers bring this level of accessibility to their customers."

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