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Discreet Launch Max 4 And Animation Zone

Discreet made several announcements at Londons Digital Media World conference, most of them revolving around the upcoming 3D Studio Max 4. The newly named product, 3D Studio Max 4, is to be released in January 2001, and Discreet announced that the details of the product were premiering on their new Animation Zone Website ( Version 4 of their award winning 3D app will feature new Inverse Kinematics tools and better rendering technology. Discreet also announced a new product code-named 3D Studio gMAX a program based on the release of 3D Studio Max 4, but aimed at game developers. gMAX is a technology that "can not only be used to build the game itself, but can be shipped with the title for use by the creative gamer community," explained Phillip Miller senior director of Discreet software products. The new product will offer a targeted selection of 3D Studio Max features for level layout, modeling, texturing, lighting and basic animation. The idea is that game developers will be able to extend game longevity through consumer customizations and reduce their reliance on proprietary tools.

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