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Discreet gmax Mod Tools Included In Command & Conquer: Renegade

Westwood Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of game publisher Electronic Arts, has licensed Discreet's gmax software and will be distributing it on COMMAND & CONQUER: RENEGADE, a 3D action game for the PC. In addition, Westwood will release a RENEGADE game pack that will allow content created in gmax to be exported into the game. The game pack will also be available as a free download on the RENEGADE Website. The gmax software is a modification package based on Discreet's professional 3D modeling and animation software 3ds max, and allows users to create new 3D levels, objects, player models, skins, vehicles and weapons. Documentation and tutorials for the gmax software will be available on the RENEGADE Website, along with special sections where users can download fan-created levels and skins. COMMAND & CONQUER: RENEGADE is currently in Phase 3 of beta testing and will be released February 26, 2002.