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Discreet Begins Shipping frost 2.5

Discreet has started shipping a new version of their real-time broadcasting graphics system frost. Along with other Discreet digital workflow solutions, frost has been used by eight major networks (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNNi, CNN Headline News, Fox News and ABC) for live-coverage graphics during the surprise developments in the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. Now, version 2.5 streamlines on-air graphics development and workflow even further. Among the many new project management tools and the new tabular view to help artists optimize graphics, frost 2.5 boasts an enhanced plug-in for 3ds max which allows designers to take full advantage of modeling and animation while rendering in real-time. "frost, powered by the industry's highest-performance real-time renderer, gives broadcast designers the speed, automation and immediacy to truly bridge the gap between design and live production," said Paul Lypaczewski, executive vice president and general manager of Discreet. "By seamlessly integrating 2D and 3D, frost 2.5 offers the utmost in flexibility for broadcasters seeking to stay on the cutting edge of TV graphic design." frost 2.5 also includes new features that cut down the amount of scripting involved with scene optimization, and an integrated file transfer protocol (FTP) client that enables image browsing and importing from traditional graphic systems and character generators. frost 2.5 is available now.