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Discreet Announces 3ds Max 5

Discreet will be unveiling 3ds max 5, the latest release of its professional 3D animation and modeling software, at SIGGRAPH 2002 (Booth #8062). Discreet has added key new features in 3ds max 5 software including enhanced global illumination methods for subtle and accurate lighting; soft and hard-body dynamics software; and new texture mapping capabilities to marry image data to mesh models accurately. According to Discreet, animators using 3ds max 5 software will enjoy greater control in character animation with tools such as a new Set Key system, Curve and Dope Sheet editor, and Merge Animation tools for repurposing character animation segments. "3ds max 5 will offer artists a wide range of outstanding tools and features that address the most challenging contemporary production requirements -- and there's more to come," said Chris Ford, Discreet animation product line manager. "Discreet customers can expect significant innovations that will enhance the creativity of all 3D artists." Discreet's 3ds max has been used in recent films like MINORITY REPORT and PANIC ROOM, PC and console games like SPIDER-MAN, WARCRAFT III and NEVER WINTER NIGHTS, as well as commercials, music videos and television. Discreet's 3ds max 5 software will sell for a suggested retail price of US$3,495. Upgrade price from 3ds max 4 to 3ds max 5 is US$795.