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Discreet Announces 3ds Exporter

On April 10, 2001, at theMacromedia User Conference (UCON) in New York, Discreet announced a3ds max Shockwave exporter that includes support for rich characteranimation from character studio, dynamic physics from reactor andMultiRes mesh technology. With this integrated exporter, artists cantransfer 3D content directly from 3ds max into the Director 8.5authoring environment for deployment in the Shockwave format. "Withthe Shockwave Player already in use by more than 200 million Webusers, we are in a unique position to improve online entertainment,E-merchandising and learning experiences by adding 3D," saidMacromedia senior director of product marketing Peter Ryce. "With theplatform in place, we needed to integrate Macromedia Director 8.5with 3D tools that deliver the highest quality experience fordevelopers and artists; the Discreet 3ds max tool fit the billperfectly with its open technology platform, and existing base ofcontent creators." "Interactive 3D animation provides developers andWeb viewers expanded opportunities to experience 3D on the Web --delivered in a scalable format, at minimum bandwidth," said Discreetsenior director of software products Phillip Miller. "With authoringand playback solutions jointly developed by Macromedia and Intel, anda strong bridge to Discreet's leading 3D content creation tools,artists can now deliver the rich Web experiences that result inincreased online sales, site stickiness and customer satisfaction."