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Director Peter Nydrle Turns Cadillacs Into Olympic Swimmers

Director Peter Nydrle of NYDRLE, West Hollywood, California, has transformed Cadillacs into Olympic swimmers for a new commercial. "One of the challenges of the project was to give the cars the personality of an Olympic swimmer," explained Nydrle. "It's an attempt to blur reality in a way you rarely see, particularly in a car spot." "Desert Storm" begins with a fleet of Cadillac cars all bearing the names of Olympic Gold Medal swimmers, such as Weissmuller and Spitz, on their license plates. In front of the cars are Olympic styled swimming lanes. A voice over intones, "Gentleman take your mark." A gun goes off and the race begins, with the cars moving gracefully across the desert and then quickly disappearing - as if the cars went underwater. "The end shot involved five separate shots foreground and background elements, the cars and the explosion all of which were composited in the Henry," said Nydrle. "The most important thing was that it look believable. It was a complicated shot that involved a great deal of timing." The spot was produced for ad agency D'Arcy of Troy, Michigan.

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