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Director Oarr Leaves The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Chris Oarr has announced that he is resigning as executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Oarr headed the CBLDF, a non-profit organization protecting First Amendment rights in the comics industry, for more than three years. "It's been great working for such an important cause," said Oarr. "And I feel like we've accomplished a lot. The Fund will continue to stand ready to provide the highest quality legal advice and service to the comics' community. I'll always remain one of the CBLDF's most ardent supporters." CBLDF's deputy director Chris Bleistein will serve as acting director pending further decision from the CBLDF's board of directors. "Chris brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the Fund," said CBLDF president Denis Kitchen, "Not to mention a genuine love of comics. He's succeeded in involving and uniting people from all parts of the comics community in support of the industry's rights." During his tenure as executive director, Oarr was responsible for increasing the Fund's profile both inside and outside the comics industry. He helped create such innovative fund-raising ventures as the CBLDF "Making Waves" Cruise, and two of author Neil Gaiman's Guardian Angel Tours.

Susan Alston of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund describes the shocking state of the nation in Animation World Magazine.

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