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Director Mostow Collaborates With Virgin Comics

Director Jonathan Mostow has taken American politics into his own hands with Wednesday's release of THE MEGAS, an action-packed science fiction comic book series from Virgin Comics.

"I have always admired the medium of comic books and graphic novels, so I am incredibly excited to have my own new entry in the field. From concept to story to visual design, my experience on THE MEGAS has been as creatively rewarding as working on a movie." Mostow said.

THE MEGAS is a metaphor for the America we live in today, a society of two classes, the privileged few and everyone else: a country where all men are not created equal.

Royal crime, sex and backstabbing punctuate the futuristic thriller that Mostow intends to develop into a feature film.

Virgin Comic's Director's Cut series also includes collaborations with John Woo, Nicolas and Weston Cage and Guy Ritchie.

Jonathan Mostow wrote and directed BREAKDOWN, U-571 starring Mathew McConaughey and Harvey Keitel.

He also directed TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINE and will helm Disney's upcoming tentpole THE SURROGATES (also based on a graphic novel) starring Bruce Willis, which goes into production this spring.