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Dinosaurs Bite Facebook On Channel 4's New Animation Site

Suspicious Productions have launched new Web comedy show LIFE ACCORDING TO DINOSAURS, premiering on Channel4's new animation site Life According to Dinosaurs is the first piece commissioned by 4mations to launch on this new video-sharing platform.

Edinburgh based Suspicious Productions is one of only twelve companies providing new viral content for the launch of 4mations, winning out over stiff competition from around the U.K. LIFE ACCORDING TO DINOSAURS IS the first production for the young company, which was set up in 2008 to create animation for Film, television and online media.

Steve and Dave are two 20-something dinosaurs who do their best to get by in the modern world. In every episode, they explain a new issue, prehistoric style, bringing their unique dinosaur perspective to everyday experiences.

LIFE ACCORDING TO DINOSAURS has a simple appealing style, cute characters and a laid back feel, packed with visual humor and dumb wit. The loveable protagonists, Steve and Dave are silly enough to be relatable and dinosaury enough to be unexpected and very funny.

The series was created by Andy Fielding (creator of monochrome Web phenomena THE IMP) and animation producer Madevi Dailly. A full season of LIFE ACCORDING TO DINOSAURS is in development by Suspicious Productions.

In the new episode, "Facebook According to Dinosaurs," Dave Yellow asks his pal Steve Green to explain the ins and outs of this new Internet thing: Facebook. They mooch around the office, grapple with the idea and eat a couple of people. It's life with a twist of dinosaur.