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Dinosaur King Announces New Licensing Program

Children's entertainment and media organization 4Kids Ent. has signed several key licensees to help launch a major worldwide licensing program for the hit children's property DINOSAUR KING.

Master toy licensee, Playmates Toys, will lead the charge with the release of a Spring 2009 product line, including dinosaur figures and roleplay items, inspired by the popular animated adventure series currently airing in the 4KidsTV block on FOX. Playmates will distribute the line throughout North America and Eastern Europe, with one or more distribution partners to cover the rest of the world outside of Asia and the Middle East.

Upper Deck will also play a pivotal role in the Dinosaur King brand with the launch of an all-new trading card game, scheduled for release in October 2008. The DINOSAUR KING Trading Card Game will feature distinctive dinosaur art, easy-to-learn gameplay and real dinosaur facts on every card. The 130-plus collectible card set includes over 80 dinosaurs. The DINOSAUR KING Trading Card Game will also include three different foil technologies, highlighting the collectability of these great cards. Additionally, DINOSAUR KING Trading Cards will be included in the Playmates Toys' Dinosaur figures, providing special strengths and abilities for the DINOSAUR KING trading cards.

This September, SEGA will be releasing a kid-friendly DINOSAUR KING videogame inspired by the hit series for Nintendo DS. Gamers will have the opportunity to excavate, battle and trade items in a fun-filled quest to save the dinosaurs from extinction.

Based on a popular international arcade and collectible card game from SEGA, DINOSAUR KING chronicles the adventures of Max, the son of a world-famous paleontologist, and his two best friends Rex and Zoe, who have discovered a mysterious set of dinosaur cards and a stone slate that have the power to bring dinosaurs back to life. In fact, whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs. The three young heroes known as the "D Team" are in a race against time to ensure the cards, now scattered all over the world, don't fall into the hands of the evil nefarious Alpha Gang. Set in present time, Max, Rex and Zoe are able to transport themselves anywhere in the world in order to hunt down the coveted cards that have been lost by the time-traveling Dr. Z and his bumbling team of bad guys.

Currently airing its first season Saturday mornings in the 4Kids TV block (FOX affiliates nationwide), the animated series DINOSAUR KING has performed well in its key demographic, boys ages 6-11. The series has also proved to be a hit around the globe, airing on YTV (Canada), TV2 (Denmark), TV4 (Sweden), Mediaset (Italy), RTL2 (Germany), France 3 (France), Canal J (France) and Jetix (UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Latin America), among others. This Fall, 4KidsTV will launch the highly-anticipated second season of the series.