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Dilbert Completely on DVD

DILBERT - THE COMPLETE SERIES from '99 comes to DVD (Columbia TriStar, $49.95) Jan. 27, 2004. Check out all 30 episodes on this four-disc set from the first and second seasons and discover why the most popular comic strip of the decade made a smooth transition to animated series, thanks to irreverent writer/producer Larry Charles (SEINFELD and MAD ABOUT YOU). The daily life of this "every man" engineer with turned-up tie, round glasses and buzz cut (voiced by Daniel Stern), who somehow survives at The Company, is filled with wit and adult humor. Some even put it its bite on a par with THE SIMPSONS.

Extras include:* Making Dilbert Work" featurette* Four-clip compilations hosted by creator Scott Adams: Dogbert Speaks, You're Not the Boss of Me, Marketing or Felonious Activity, Catbert: Feline or Pure Evil