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Digital Video Releases TAB 2.2

Digital Video, the makers of Toonz animation software, has launched TAB 2.2, the new version of its paperless animation software, tailored to create original animation content for the Web. Based on a new technology that includes an intuitive vector handling technique that uses dynamic control points and an adaptive fill system, the TAB allows animators to draw in a natural and intuitive way. The TAB's features exploit vectors, without the restrictions they usually have, such as constant thickness lines, flat colors and control points complex management. Drawings can be animated by modifying vectors like modeling clay. Artists can start from a single drawing, and bring it to life by making subsequent modifications, or they can interpolate two drawings using the inbetweener. In addition, the TAB images are color-mapped, so when a color is changed all the areas linked to that color would change with no need to repaint them. As well, when users stretch, pull or distort a drawing, filled areas will remain filled since the fill will remain stuck to the strokes.

The TAB is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and MAC OS X v.10.3. Additional information about Digital Video can be found at and

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