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Digital-Tutors Releases XSI Render Tree Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of INTRODUCTION TO XSI RENDER TREE training kit, a comprehensive training resource for SOFTIMAGE|XSI and the latest release in a growing library of popular training resources for emerging digital artists. A free trial of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Foundation is included with INTRODUCTION TO XSI RENDER TREE, allowing for immediate access to learn and explore the software.

Productivity-focused and results-oriented, INTRODUCTION TO XSI RENDER TREE, provides more than two-and-a-half hours of enjoyable, hands-on projects developed to maximize the understanding of XSIs Render Tree and give users ultimate control in the appearance of their rendered objects ideal for any student, professional or company using XSI.

"This latest release is a testament of our commitment to our consumers and the training they want," added Sunder Iyer, senior 3D curriculum developer. "XSI's Render Tree is often viewed as daunting and intimidating and this training title was specifically developed and dedicated to dispelling this common myth all the while focusing on the results our users will attain in their work."

Popular topics include: navigating the Render Tree, bumpmap generators, working with displacement maps, using texture projections, using mix nodes to combine textures, advanced texture placement, using light shaders for volumetric effects, layering textures added control, working with the ambient occlusion shader, using the Material Editor and numerous additional lessons allowing you to work smarter, faster and with more creativity in XSI.

A leader of interactive video-based training, Digital-Tutors develops award-winning training solutions for emerging digital artists. To learn more, visit