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Digital-Tutors Releases Shader Pipeline With XSI And XNA

SOFTIMAGE training partner Digital-Tutors has released SHADER PIPELINE WITH XSI AND XNA -- the newest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using SOFTIMAGE|XSI, a complete 3-D package for modeling, rendering, and character animation, and XNA, Microsoft's industry-leading software, services, resources, and communities focused on enabling game developers to be successful on Microsoft gaming platforms.

SHADER PIPELINE WITH XSI AND XNA provides five hours of project-based training for technical artists learning a time-saving workflow to building and integrating real-time shaders in XSI and XNA for use in games and pre-visualization.

Popular highlights from SHADER PIPELINE WITH XSI AND XNA include: working with real-time shaders, setting up models and skinned models, using XSI FX shader presets, using SAS bindings, writing vertex and pixel shaders, constant and texture shading, Lambertian diffuse shading model, Blinn-Phong shading model, using normal maps, render to texture, drawing with sprite batch, using pixel shaders for post effects, problem-solving approaches, shader analysis, working with textures and clusters, publishing XNA models from XSI, consolidation techniques, creating animation clips, fine-tuning looping animation, Gaussian Blur, shadow projection, and programming and choosing techniques.

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