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Digital-Tutors Releases RenderMan for Maya & XSI Training DVDs

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of the first interactive training solution for RenderMan for Maya and two introductory guides to Rigging and Enveloping in XSI.

INTRODUCTION TO RENDERMAN FOR MAYA provides more than three hours of project-driven training to increase the artist's understanding of RenderMan for Maya. Perfect for artists new to the powerful capabilities of RenderMan for Maya and experienced artists seeking time-saving tips and techniques.

"We our delighted to release our first RenderMan training kit," said Tanya Golubeva, director of multimedia. "This specific title is perfect for those new to RenderMan and studios seeking to adopt training for new artists. In addition to the new title, we have also released free tutorials on our website as an added resource for training."

INTRODUCTION TO RENDERMAN FOR MAYA provides fun, intuitive projects, designed to save artists time and attain maximum results. Popular topics from INTRODUCTION TO RENDERMAN FOR MAYA include: applying displacements to surfaces, ZBrush displacements, normal maps, camera motion blur settings, depth of field effects, controlling reflections using sets, global Illumination, color bleeding, image based lighting techniques, sub-surface scattering, Pixar's Deep Shadow, Deep Shadows with fur, passes and outputs, Maya Paint Effects and post processes, custom shaders, RenderMan overview, and numerous additional lessons designed to give you a firm understanding of RenderMan for Maya.

For a full outline and pricing information, visit

In CHARACTER RIGGING IN XSI and CHARACTER ENVELOPING IN XSI, artists can learn the essentials of character rigging with two hours of training specifically for rigging and learn enveloping in XSI with one and a half hours of project-based training. Artists will learn the entire process of building the skeletal structure with the necessary controls for life-like animation and enveloping characters to appropriate rigs.

"Learn to rig and envelop characters can seem daunting for many artists" said Sunder Iyer, curriculum developer. "Our newest releases for XSI are perfect for those new to rigging and enveloping in XSI and artists seeking more efficient workflow, tips, and techniques.

Highlights in CHARACTER RIGGING IN XSI include: skeleton basics, skeletal hierarchies, using constraints, building custom controls, reverse foot controls, using linked keys, building spine controls, local rotations, hand controls, effectors, flexible spines and parenting.

For a full outline and pricing information, visit

Highlights from CHARACTER ENVELOPING IN XSI include: creating the envelope, setting up a character stance, painting deformation weights, smoothing weights, using the weight editor, symmetry mapping, mirroring weights, link with deform, parenting and linked key.

For a full outline and pricing information, visit

A pioneer of interactive video-based training, Digital-Tutors develops award-winning training solutions for emerging digital artists. Recognized as among the largest resources for online training, Digital-Tutors allows artists to master software at their own pace and learn with fun, intuitive and hands-on projects. Digital-Tutors delivers interactive training designed to increase productivity with proven time-saving tips and techniques, and take skills to the next level using a unique training approach designed by university educators, industry professionals, and innovative artists. To learn more, visit

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