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Digital-Tutors Releases Rendering Techniques in XSI Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of RENDERING TECHNIQUES IN XSI, the newest release in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for emerging digital artists. Artists will learn innovative techniques and a unique approach to rendering in XSI and compositing using the integrated FX Tree. RENDERING TECHNIQUES IN XSI provides over 2.5 hours of project-based training to increase the artist's productivity and understanding of rendering and compositing while using the powerful tools and features in XSI.

For many artists, rendering with efficiency, control and flexibility, this kit allows new users to get a solid grasp on the fundamental rendering concepts in XSI. Also, by taking advantage of XSI's built-in Illusion Compositing, it shows artists how to push their renders to the next level of realism.

Highlights from RENDERING TECHNIQUES IN XSI include: exploring render passes, creating custom render passes, compositing with FX Tree, post effects with FX Tree, assigning and modifying materials, creating textures in Photoshop, assigning texture coordinates, final gather, image-based lighting techniques, HDRI, rendering multi-pass sequences, depth-of-field camera effects, color correction, learning FX Tree operator characteristics and properties, adding and editing FX Tree operators, utilizing masks and garbage mattes and additional lessons designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of rendering in XSI.

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