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Digital-Tutors Releases Modified Street Racer Add-On

Digital-Tutors is now offering Modified Street Racer, the latest release in a collection of modifications and add-ons for existing training kits for digital artists. MODIFIED STREET RACER, the first high performance add-on for MAYA INTERMEDIATE: PHOTOREALISTIC CAR MODELING, takes car modification to another level. In more than 2.5 hours of comprehensive training, users can take existing car models from ordinary to extraordinary.

"Because of popular demand, Digital-Tutors is making a collection of modifications and add-ons for existing and future training kits," said Sandip Patel, global business director. "This collection will span over five titles and will serve as an additional resource for tips and tricks."

MODIFIED STREET RACER focuses on the latest trend of car modification. The innovative concepts and techniques are presented in clear and easy to follow steps with an array of interactive training exercises. Learn breakthrough Polygon and Subdivision surface modeling techniques, create visually stunning paint schemes using layered shaders, design with flawless decals and dirtmaps using 3D Textures from 3D Total, easily use Adobe Illustrator curves in Maya and create various performance add-ons using advanced modeling techniques.

"We want to teach our users how to create realistic cars and models that they would see on the street, not limited to the showroom," added Kyle Green, senior art director. "We will soon release a number of add-ons for several of the hottest topics in CG, making it easier and more affordable for our users."

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