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Digital-Tutors Releases Maya Advanced: Building Advanced Shading Networks

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of MAYA ADVANCED: BUILDING ADVANCED SHADING NETWORKS training kit, the first release in a collection for advanced artists and latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for emerging digital artists. Digital-Tutors offers more than 2.5 hours of comprehensive project-driven training, giving users a step-by-step guide through the intricacies of building advanced shading networks in Maya.

MAYA ADVANCED: BUILDING ADVANCED SHADING NETWORKS concentrates on creating sophisticated shading networks using expressions, particles and utility nodes to achieve deeper levels of realism often considered difficult and unattainable using individual render nodes. Each interactive lesson is presented in clear and easy to follow steps, designed to save the user's time and increase productivity throughout their workflow. An extensive component of Maya often viewed as intimidating and daunting, Digital-Tutors allows users to fuel their creativity using advanced and innovative techniques.

"MAYA ADVANCED: BUILDING ADVANCED SHADING NETWORKS marks the first training kit released in our Advanced Series," said Kyle Green, 3D curriculum director. "Although Digital-Tutors primarily caters to the emerging artist, we have been receiving an enormous amount of requests for advanced training and training for SHADING NETWORKS. I believe this training kit will undeniably offer innovative tips and techniques for experienced professionals."

Popular topics include: building light-based shading networks, using the Expression Editor to write expressions, writing expressions for interactive shading networks, creating networks that can simulate light emission, building a shading network to control particles, assembling distance controlled shading networks, randomizing texture placement with shading networks and building a shading network controlled by particles.

"Our focus at Digital-Tutors is making learning complex programs easy, fun, and enjoyable for beginning and intermediate artists," added Sunder Iyer, senior 3D curriculum developer. "The Advanced Series is an exciting evolution of Digital-Tutors and offers training for the more experienced consumers."

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