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Digital-Tutors Releases Introduction to 3D: MEL Basics Training Kit

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of the much anticipated INTRODUCTION TO 3D: MEL BASICS training kit the newest release in a library of helpful and award-winning training resources for Maya users. In more than two and a half hours of interactive training methods, INTRODUCTION TO 3D: MEL BASICS offers users the foundation to rapidly develop and enhance workflow with unsurpassed levels of productivity.

INTRODUCTION TO 3D: MEL BASICS provides the foundation to Maya's innovative scripting technology, MEL. With the capability of radically changing the way artists will work, MEL provides a quicker and more efficient workflow. In this training kit, the user will learn cutting-edge techniques and diverse fundamental concepts that will greatly enhance productivity as well as automate and create effects that are difficult and time-consuming to complete. INTRODUCTION TO 3D: MEL BASICS will allow the user to easily create extremely complex and sophisticated visual effects and imagery at the user's own pace.

"We designed this training product specifically for artists with no prior scripting experience," said Piyush Patel, Product and Curriculum developer. "In this kit, Digital-Tutors shows all artists using Maya the powerful and time-saving capabilities of MEL scripting and how to take their work to the next level. In this kit we show users the secret that professionals have been incorporating into their workflow for years to achieve maximum productivity."

INTRODUCTION TO 3D: MEL BASICS features comprehensive training on the basics of MEL commands, flow of execution and loops, variable and data types, controlling and adjusting attributes, manipulating and naming nodes, designing MEL user interfaces, creating shader networks with MEL and an array of methods presented in a clear easy-to-follow format with numerous interactive projects.

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