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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Maya: UV Layout

Digital-Tutors released the FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: UV LAYOUT training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists of all expertise levels. In more than three hours of leading edge training methods, users will redefine their existing skills and learn powerful and progressive UV mapping techniques.

FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: UV LAYOUT concentrates on the essential techniques needed to define and apply flawless textures to Polygon and Sub-D models, resulting in phenomenal detail and accuracy. Each of the concepts, methods and tools used for every process are presented in clear and easy to follow steps, specifically designed to save the user time and frustration throughout their workflow and ultimately optimize their creativity.

"A good texture can be marred by poor and inefficient UV maps," said Sunder Iyer, senior 3D curriculum developer. "Learning to take advantage of Maya's UV mapping tools to create efficient and organized UV maps makes the texturing process easier and extremely effecient. We unwrap the mysteries behind UV mapping in a detailed and enjoyable format."

Highlights from FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: UV LAYOUT, include Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical and Automatic Mapping methods, Cutting UVs, Sewing UVs, UV Transfer, Averaging Vertices, working in the UV Texture Editor, achieving clean and efficient UV layouts with precision and additional lessons designed to help you create with complete professionalism.

"Our users wanted more training for UV Layout and this training kit is a direct result of that," added Tanya Golubeva, director of IT/Multimedia. "This training kit breaks down the complex subject of UV mapping into steps that are easy to understand and follow. If you think that UV Layout / Mapping is a complex matter, this training kit will prove you otherwise."

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