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Digital-Tutors Releases First Two Comprehensive Titles For SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7

Softimage training partner Digital-Tutors announced at SIGGRAPH the availability of INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 and INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 -- the first two comprehensive training titles developed for XSI 7 and the latest additions to Digital-Tutors' growing library of interactive training for digital artists using SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the newest version of the complete 3D package for modeling, animating, rendering, and character development.

INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 provides new and experienced artists with seven hours of project-based training to learning time-saving methods and essentials techniques to modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, rigging, and rendering in XSI 7. INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 delivers three hours of training for artists, technical directors, and developers new to the ICE platform and a production-proven workflow to building custom deformers and complex particle-based effects, pipeline integration, and rapid prototyping with shorter iteration cycles.

Also created in close collaboration with SOFTIMAGE is THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO XSI 7, an exclusive in-box training bundled with XSI 7. THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO XSI 7 provides eight hours of training for first-time and experienced XSI artists and offers production-applicable workflows for the feature film and game development market, time-saving techniques for visual effects, innovative practices for broadcast design, and essential concepts to the new multi-threaded ICE platform for both creative and technical artists.

"Having quality training materials available for our customers with the release of SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 with the new ICE platform was a important objective," said Marc Stevens, GM of Softimage and VP of Avid Technology. "Digital-Tutors consistently creates quality training materials and the new INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 offers artists and TDs a great way quickly learn this breakthrough platform," added Stevens.

Popular highlights from INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 include: in-depth overview of XSI interface, navigation and tools, customizing user experience, polygon modeling workflows, extruding faces and edges, extracting geometry, assigning materials and textures, material manager, creating shader networks with Render Tree, texture Layer Editor, UV projections and sub-projections, creating custom shelves and toolbars, rotoscope preparation, lights and shadow types, creating ICE tree networks, applying dynamic forces to ICE particles, building particle volume shaders for rendering, deformers, path animation, parenting objects, utilizing the Render Region, automating animation with linked parameters, keying panel to create and manipulate keyframes, and understanding the Operator Stack.

Popular highlights from INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 include: understanding ICE, ICE framework, navigation in ICE, working with ICE nodes, types and contexts, intrinsic and dynamic data, sharing data between ICE trees, ICE compounds, ICE particle simulations, ICE rigid bodies, using ICE attributes in Render Tree, visualizing ICE data, previewing ICE data, rendering ICE particles and meshes, building deformers, building complex systems with ICE, importance of comments, learning best practices and workflows, and tips and tricks.

For a complete outline and detailed pricing information of INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 visit: INTRODUCTION TO XSI 7 is also available for download at:

For a complete outline and detailed pricing information of INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 visit: INTRODUCTION TO ICE IN XSI 7 is also available for download at: