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Digital-Tutors Releases Basics: Introduction to RealFlow

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of the highly awaited BASICS: INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW training kit the first in-depth training resource for RealFlow. An evaluation version of RealFlow 3, is included with the training kits, allowing users immediate access to the software and training.

BASICS: INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW provides nearly 3 hours of training and focuses on the particle-based fluid simulation technology developed by Next Limit. The kit gives users the ability to create highly realistic liquid, elastic, gaseous and dynamic motion simulations. Each interactive lesson is presented in clear and easy to follow steps.

"This training kit breaks down RealFlow and explains a variety of functionalities within this amazingly powerful fluid simulation tool, making it a great asset for new and experienced users alike," says Kyle Green, senior 3D curriculum designer. "Creating effects and simulations with extraordinary realism is a daunting and difficult task for many and we have created a training kit for these users in mind."

Popular topics covered in include: RealFlow User Interface, particle emitter types, using dynamic forces, particle interaction, generating particle meshes, creating realistic splashing liquids, importing geometry, creating elastic surfaces, using constraints, working with Realwaves, generating Wetmaps, exporting RealFlow simulations, and several additional lessons designed to give you a firm understanding of RealFlow and the ability to create stunning effects.

"Continuing the tradition of covering what our users want, we are proud to announce the first ever RealFlow training kit," says Sunder Iyer, senior 3D curriculum designer. "Users will learn the various features of RealFlow such as liquid simulations, rigid body dynamics, waves, elastics and save time while quickly learn how to integrate RealFlow (which has been used for the production of spectacular effects in numerous major movies) into your favorite 3D package."

For a full outline and pricing information of BASICS: INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW, visit

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