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Digital-Tutors Releases Automotive Modeling Training for Maya

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of MAYA MODELING TECHNIQUES: AUTOMOTIVE, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Autodeskâs Maya 8.5.

MAYA MODELING TECHNIQUES: AUTOMOTIVE provides 10 hours of project-based training and guides artists through the entire process of automotive modeling with NURBS, Polygons and Sub-Ds and achieving photorealistic renders with mental ray. Artists will learn timesaving modeling techniques and a solution-based workflow to automotive modeling for use in films, games, commercials and automotive design.

"Digital-Tutors has a superb reputation in the industry for providing high quality training materials," said Peter Crowther, md of HDRI-Studio Ltd. "We are therefore very excited to be partnering with Digital-Tutors to provide a clear work-flow for using HDRI-Studio images to light an automotive design."

Highlights include: establishing automotive line flow, creating NURBS curves framework, modeling contoured panels, adding Sub-D resolution, avoiding creases and dents with edge spacing, adding scoops to curves surfaces, extracting useful geometry, mirroring detail, troubleshooting common Edge Loop issues, creative uses of extrusions, converting between geometry types, moving points along normals, adding tire tread with bump maps, modeling using deformers, HDR lighting setup, mental ray shading techniques, automotive terminology and concepts and additional lessons developed to teach artists automotive modeling techniques using an array of tools and techniques in Maya.

Digital-Tutors ( is an internationally known innovator of interactive training whose client list includes thousands of students, professionals, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. government agencies, schools and nonprofit associations from across the globe. Digital-Tutors develops award-winning training solutions for emerging digital artists using a unique teaching approach designed by university professors and industry professionals. Recognized as the largest resource for free online training, Digital-Tutors delivers intuitive project-driven training for artists of all levels.