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Digital-Tutors Releases 3D: ZBrush Basics Training Kit

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of INTRODUCTION TO 3D: ZBRUSH BASICS training kit -- the latest release in a series of industry leading training resources for digital artists.

The breakthrough release of INTRODUCTION TO 3D: ZBRUSH BASICS will allow digital and traditional artists to easily use an extensive set of real-time 3D sculpting, 2D/3D projection painting, 3D texturing and deformation tools, all seamlessly integrated in one application, increasing user productivity. INTRODUCTION TO 3D: ZBRUSH BASICS, is an invaluable interactive training kit specifically designed by Digital-Tutors to develop the user's traditional skills and creative workflow with the intergration of ZBrush 2. INTRODUCTION TO 3D: ZBRUSH BASICS focuses on new modeling, surfacing and texturing techniques from the newest 2D/3D art creation software application.

"We want to help emerging artists grow, regardless of their level of expertise," said Sandip Patel, development and marketing director. "We developed an interactive training kit that allows users to watch, learn, and create at their own pace and apply traditional skills into a new application using ZBrush 2."

INTRODUCTION TO 3D: ZBRUSH BASICS also focuses on the newest trend of 2D/3D digital-art creation. ZBrush is a 2D and 3D image creation and processing application, powered by a realtime rendering engine. Based on unique "Pixol" rendering technology, ZBrush enables artists to paint an image with depth, while applying both 2D and 3D effects in one integrated, realtime workspace. As you learn breakthrough modeling and texturing techniques in detail, you will also learn: materials, ZSphere modeling, polyframe enhancements, multi-resolution mesh editing, displacement & normal maps, sculpting brushes, visibility controls, advanced geometry tools, paint brushes, alpha controls, texturing, strokes and the controls necessary to create imagery with unprecedented levels of sophistication and visual detail.

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