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Digital-Tutors Announces New Training for Creating Cartoon Characters in 3ds Max

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher, has announced CREATING CARTOON CHARACTERS IN 3DS MAX -- the newest release in a library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using 3ds Max, the highly customizable and scalable 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution. CREATING CARTOON CHARACTERS IN 3DS MAX offers artists seven and half hours of innovative training and provides a production-based workflow to developing organic cartoon characters and time-saving techniques to creating animation-friendly topology, exaggerating proportions, working from reference art, and adding appeal in 3ds Max.

"Although creating cartoon characters can present common challenges, they are an important aspect of each CG medium," said Justin Marshall, Lead Modeling Instructor at Digital-Tutors. "With our latest training, artists will be able to overcome character modeling obstacles and learn the fundamental techniques to creating these characters and giving them personalities, all skills that can be transferred to any cartoon character project," said Marshall.

Highlights from CREATING CARTOON CHARACTERS IN 3DS MAX include: working with reference art; creating animation-friendly topology; using splines to create geometry; attaching and detaching polygons; adding viewport backgrounds; exaggerating proportions; adding detail strategically; bridging polygonal geometry; creating stylized hair; working with multiple pieces; creating the illusion of detail; cloning geometry for reuse; building from primitives; using extrude, inset, and bevel; modifying sub-objects; working with selections; setting up non-spherical eyes; previewing smooth geometry; using the FFD space warp; working in symmetry; adding temporary color to objects; simplifying shapes; troubleshooting edge flow; sharpening corners with edges; modeling wrinkles into clothing; adding seams to cloth; using FFD modifiers; creating teeth; capping border edges; cloning edges; working with groups; and adding appeal.