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Digital-Tutors Announces Highly Requested nParticles in Maya 2009 Training

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and leader in video-based training, today announced the availability of NPARTICLES IN MAYA 2009 -- the newest release in a library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Maya 2009.

NPARTICLES IN MAYA 2009 contains two and half hours of project-based training for new and experienced artists learning an innovative workflow to physics simulations and techniques for creating liquids, clouds, smoke, spray, and dust effects with Maya 2009's newest toolset.

Kyle Green, Director of Curriculum at Digital-Tutors said, "With NPARTICLES IN MAYA 2009, artists will learn how to create these simulations and gain a firm understanding of topics ranging from particle constraints and particle and cloth interactions, to force generation and fields."

Highlights include: nParticles overview, nParticle emission, nParticle style presets, nParticle collisions, nucleus node attributes, applying space scale, liquid simulation properties, collision layers, point force generation, wind field generation, nConstraints on nParticles, per-particle expressions, emitter rate per point, fields, nCaching, rendering blobbies, output mesh conversion, bounce, friction, stickiness, and working with ramp widgets.