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Digital Musings From the Editor:

fmx, in Stuttgart, Germany, has emerged as the leading DCC conference in Europe. And later this week, Digital Eye columnist Peter Plantec reports on some of the latest trends from the April 05 edition, including the growing outsourcing problem and how companies are refining their tools and workflows to increase productivity and reduce costs the same theme that emerged from NAB2005.

Also, as VFXWORLD turns its focus on movies in May both long and short form Ellen Wolff speaks with Blur Studio co-founder and creative director Tim Miller about how theyve managed to nurture a flourishing shorts program in their spare time that has gained continued Oscar consideration in recent years (GOPHER BROKE was nominated this year and the short listed ROCKFISH is being developed as a feature by Vin Diesel).

And we can say after seeing the finished film, REVENGE OF THE SITH is quite stunning with its 2,151 visual effects shots and 90 minutes of animation.

Bill DesowitzEditor