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Digital Musings From the Editor:

Its moving day at VFXWorld and AWN. To celebrate, we have some great articles for you to check out. Ellen Wolff explores how ILMs Stefen Fangmeier mixed cutting edge technology with a bit of old cinema magic to help conjure the retro look of LEMONY SNICKETS A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Youll be amazed by the big steps forward ILM has made in photoreal human characters. Mary Ann Skweres takes a look at the f/x that went into bringing the mega-hit stage play THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to the silver screen. Additionally, Karen Raugust investigates how business, creative and technological trends are transforming the vfx industry and the artists place in it.

Next week check out Skweres look at how invisible visual effects are often unseen during awards season. Andy Stout will file a report on the CGI Festival in London. David Schaub will have the second part of his POLAR EXPRESS diary. And like every month The Digital Eye Michael Stroud will investigate a new trend in the visual effects industry.

Happy holidays from everyone at AWN!

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