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Digital Musings From the Editor:

It's been a hectic last couple of days, what with the server being down, but we're finally up and running smoothly again, so now you can get caught up on our latest news and features. Lots of tech news with the Game Developers Conference coming up next week in San Jose.

Plus check out my exclusive sneak peek at Mickey Mouse's historic transformation from 2D to 3D in Disney's upcoming holiday DVD premiere, TWICE UPON A CHRISTMAS. Meanwhile, Sam Molineaux uncovers some of the technical and creative challenges of TRIPPING THE RIFT, the Sci Fi Channel's hot new CG series made by Canada's CineGroupe, better known for its family entertainment than sexy and irreverent adult toons.

And we introduce a new monthly column by industry insider/observer Jill Smolin that's devoted to the art and technology of the digital/3D world, "Pixel Priestess."

Bill DesowitzEditor