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Digital Musings From the Editor:

Summer may just be officially starting, but it seems already half-over, thanks to the early movie season. So far, it's been "VFX on Steroids," what with WOLVERINE, STAR TREK, TERMINATOR SALVATION, ANGELS & DEMONS, LAND OF THE LOST and BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN aggressively raising the bar with high octane advancements across the board.

Not surprisingly, ILM has led the way with STAR TREK and TERMINATOR SALVATION, offering new sim, shading, lighting and rendering work. And wait until you see how ILM has put TRANSFORMERS on steroids in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (opening today). HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE is on deck next month. And don't forget DISTRICT 9 in August. Still plenty of summer movie going left.

Bill DesowitzEditor